Should I Keep My Windows Open or Shut?

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It’s a question that comes up every year: should you keep your windows open or closed?

If there’s one thing we know at the Air Treatment Company, it’s staying comfortable. Here’s our expert answer to the age-old question:

When to Keep Your Windows Open

• Mild or breezy weather: If the weather is pleasant, or there is a nice breeze, feel free to open your windows and cool off the inside of your house.

• During the evening or overnight: If you are going to leave your windows open anytime, it’s overnight, when the temperatures are coolest and you don’t have to worry about UV rays fading the fabrics in your home.

• Hot, stuffy air inside: If the air in your home feels hot, humid, or stuffy, opening your windows can instantly improve ventilation.

• You are craving the sunshine or fresh air: After a long winter, sometimes you just want to fill your house with sunshine – and we can’t blame you.

When to Keep Your Windows Closed

• It’s unbearably hot outside: If it’s extremely hot outside, your best bet is keeping your windows closed and hoping it doesn’t get that warm in your home.

• Your home is well-insulated: If your home is well-insulated, keeping your windows closed could save you money on your energy bills.

• Pollen count is high: Pollen can enter your home through open windows, which is why we advise keeping them shut when counts are high if you suffer from allergies.

• Safety Concerns: Open windows could present safety concerns, depending on your situation. You will need to judge which windows, if any, are safe to leave open – especially overnight.

The Golden Rule

If we had to sum everything up into one piece of advice, it would be this: Keep your windows closed when it is hotter outside, and keep them open when it is hotter inside.


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