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How to Keep Pollen Out of Your Home

Nothing says spring like warm weather, freshly-bloomed flowers, and… pollen. If you are one of the 60 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, you are already all too familiar with the green stuff. But did you know pollen can also affect you inside? That’s right; if you aren’t careful, pollen can enter your home […]

May is Clean Air Month! Here’s How You Can Participate

Think the air you are breathing is clean? Think again. Whether outdoors or inside, we are constantly exposed to airborne pollutants which can have negative effects on our health. That’s why we observe Clean Air Month every May, so we can learn how poor air quality affects our everyday lives. Read below to learn more […]

Schedule Your A/C Tune Up With the Air Treatment Company

  Want to keep cool all summer long? Then you need to schedule an air conditioner tune up with the HVAC professionals at the Air Treatment Company. Annual preventative maintenance can keep your home cooling system running like new for years to come, and is a smart decision for any homeowner in Fairfax County, Virginia. […]

Should I Keep My Windows Open or Shut?

It’s a question that comes up every year: should you keep your windows open or closed? If there’s one thing we know at the Air Treatment Company, it’s staying comfortable. Here’s our expert answer to the age-old question: When to Keep Your Windows Open • Mild or breezy weather: If the weather is pleasant, or […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Germicidal UV Lights

You know that ultraviolet rays are produced by the sun, but did you know this same type of light can be used to purify the air in your home? Read below to learn more about germicidal UV lights and how they can help improve your household air quality. How do UV lights work? Disinfecting ultraviolet […]

Are Air Leaks Costing You Money?

Is your money going out the window? If your home isn’t properly sealed, it could be. In fact, some estimate that air leaks throughout the home could spike energy bills by 20% or more. Read below to learn how to find and fix air leaks in your home… What are air leaks? According to the […]

Spring Cleaning 101: Dust

Did you know that the average four-person household generates about 40 pounds of dust per year? While there’s no way to eliminate this dust, there are ways to minimize it. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind while spring cleaning… Use the top-down approach. Dust is like snow, it falls from top to bottom. […]

Install a Smart Thermostat Now and Save All Season

Times are changing, and so are our thermostats. If you are still utilizing the simple, antiquated thermostat that came with your home, it might be time to consider upgrading to a smart model. Thermostats are generally overlooked, but they are an important component of our heating and cooling systems. The location, settings, and model of […]

Spring is Here, and So Are the Allergies

Spring is in the air! Wait a second, maybe that’s just the pollen. As the weather warms up around Fairfax County, Virginia, homeowners should keep these five tips in mind to keep their allergies under control… Start Medicating Now If you wait until you’re having sneezing fits to start taking your medication, it’s already too […]

How to Prepare Your Home HVAC System for Spring

Today marks the official start of spring! Here’s seven steps you can take to make sure your home HVAC system is ready for the heating-to-cooling transition:   1. Change your air filters. It is estimated that 80% of HVAC-related problems could be prevented by simply cleaning or replacing the air filters. Change yours at the […]