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Tips for Maintaining Your Portable AC

Portable air conditioners offer convenience and easy maintenance while keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, easy maintenance doesn’t equal zero work. If you want to keep your portable AC running well, follow these simple maintenance tips. Shut It Down Always turn your unit off and unplug it before performing any maintenance to prevent any […]

How To: AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is the key to keeping your unit performing well. And as the hotter temperatures continue rolling in, you’ll want your air conditioner to be at its peak performance. If your unit could use a bit of TLC, follow these steps for how to properly take care of your air conditioner.  How to Perform […]

Common AC Problems

When you’re living in the Fairfax, VA area, you already know how important a role your AC plays in how comfortable your home is. When it’s the middle of a hot summer day, you’re not going to want to find out that your AC isn’t working. But the sooner you know the cause of the […]

Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cold

It’s the first official day of summer! So the last thing you want to find out is that your AC isn’t cold. More often than not, the reason your AC is blowing warm air is not a complicated issue, but rather something that can be fixed in a few steps. Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cold […]

How to Improve Your Water Heater’s Efficiency

 If you could save yourself money around your home, wouldn’t you want to? An easy way to save money is by increasing your water heater’s efficiency since water and energy are usually the two biggest costs on your utility bills each month. And lucky for you, we’re going to tell you a few easy ways […]

Five AC Noises You Should Be Concerned About

These days, air conditioners are made to be pretty quiet and unnoticeable. So you might be surprised to hear some strange sounds coming from yours. If you’re hearing these five AC noises around your home, here’s what they mean and why you should be concerned about them. 1) Banging/Clanging: A banging noise is most likely the […]

How to Lower Humidity in Your Home

Everyone waits all year for summer to arrive, but once the days start warming up, there’s a serious wish that the temperature wasn’t so high — or at least that it was a dry heat. Humidity can put a real damper on your summer activities, especially when it affects you indoors too. If your home […]

Things to Consider When Getting a Generator

A backup generator is a great resource to have in case the power ever goes out in your home. It can power your fridge to keep food from spoiling and keep the lights on so your children don’t get scared. But how do you know which unit is best for your home? Here are a […]

Whole House v. Portable Dehumidifiers

As the summer temperatures roll in, you’ll want your home to be a safe haven from the heat. But what happens when humidity makes the air inside your home feel just as sticky as the air outside? You’ll need a dehumidifier to help control the moisture levels in your home. Choosing between whole house and portable […]

Our Maintenance Plans for Summer

If you want to stay cool this summer, you’ll need to have a properly functioning air conditioner. And do you know the best way to keep your AC running well? Maintenance. Just like any other machine, your AC needs some TLC from time to time in order for it to keep working efficiently. If you […]