Kohler Whole House Electrical Backup Generators

Air Treatment company is the Fairfax, VA areas authorized Kohler generator dealer and installer

With severe weather occurring more frequently and intensely, backup electrical generators have become indispensable home appliances. When the power goes out your family’s comfort and convenience is really compromised. That’s why we chose to add Kohler generators to our backup power offerings.

You can trust Kohler generators for 5 good reasons:

  1. They are extensively tested for quality to ensure reliability
  2. They have models that can power any size home
  3. They have a 5 year warranty
  4. They deliver clean, high quality power that your electronics need to operate correctly
  5. Trusted by hospitals, power plants and the National Weather Service
Kohler Whole House Generator | Fairfax Air Conditioning Repair

Automatic start-up when the power goes down

Kohler whole house power backups sense when the power to your home drops below acceptable levels, start and restore electricity to your home. Once the generator senses that your utility power is restored, your Kohler generator shuts down and switches your home over to utility electrical. It’s all seamless and takes no action on your part. You and your family continue to enjoy the convenience and comfort that you are accustomed to from the benefits of electricity.

Kohler electrical generators – features and benefits:

  • Over 90 years building generators
  • Built to last with commercial grade components
  • Easy to maintain
  • Award winning

Kohler and Air Treatment deliver superior, dependable products and services for your home

You and your home deserve the best products and technical / customer service. We can handle all installation, repairs and maintenance of your Kohler power system. Air Treatment Company is locally owned and we offer FREE in-home consultations and cost proposals for whole house electrical generators. To learn more about our in-home consultation, click here.

To talk with a friendly customer service person about whole house backup generators, call us at (703) 938-0550